Our core is the Ocean & the purpose is to experience it.

Mindful Diving & Visual Content for sea-connected brands.


Diving is time with yourself, an invitation to the moment, where nothing else matters. It´s not only a means to explore and a challenge to face, but a way of living. Aware and awake. Because that´s what life is all about and, hopefully, the reason why we are all here… to connect.

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We see through each project, find its voice and communicate it with a purpose. In a saturated digital world, is only through a conscious and  sensitive view and an outstanding aesthetic that a brand can be seen as powerful as it is. We live the ocean and passionatly document it to promote valuable brands.

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We go diving everyday having the certainty that our conception of the ocean is worth sharing. So here we are creating day by day an space for salty people to covey & share their lifestyle: Our core is the ocean & the purpose is to experience it. If you´re on the island send us a dm, we´d love to meet you and, eventualy, dive together.


ABOUt us

Welcome salty soul.

We´re creating a community of extraordinary people. Enthusiastic salty souls that enjoy the sea all around the world. Our mission is to make diving more meaningful; helping people to care about the ocean.

Our work is informal and creative, but align directly to the values we believe in: connection and meaning. We believe in a win-win exchange, based in trust and susteintable relationships as the only way to grow this community organicaly and respect this world we like to call ours. That is our reason to be and biggest desire.

As our lifes, BWD is a matter of choice. We choose personal, adptative and integral formation, guiding and consulting and that´s what we offer.

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